August 27, 2009


The next election is going to be very very dirty. The left has run out of ideas, and when they run out of ideas they start screaming 'racist'. It is a handy way of shutting down the debate. It happened when Ken Livingstone lost. It is happening in the current froth over Dan Hannan. It is even used against rebels within their own ranks. It will happen at the next election, I can see it now.

His nose twitched, that means he is a secret racist!
He just pulled out a handkerchief and wiped his nose. He must want to wipe out cultural diversity the racist!!
He just put the handkerchief back in his pocket, that can only be code for wanting to lock up brown people without trial, forever!! RACIST!!!
What? Oh ... Labour already tried to lock up brown people forever without trial? Oh no, then that cannot be racist. It must actually have been a good thing ... to improve the cultural diversity of the prison population ... or something. But Cameron is on the right so he must actually be thinking something that really is evil, not something like locking brown people up forever without trial. Which is actually a good thing anyway.


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